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aicindyscore:4.5 / 52021-09-23
Very good, the hygiene and environment of the accommodation are also good. It's also very close to the hot spring. It's only a few minutes' walk. There are few varieties of buffet breakfast. I hope it can be improved.
tonybearscore:5.0 / 52021-09-23
The hotel facilities are not very new, but the location is good. Nice environment, very close to the hot spring. The service was very good, the food in the restaurant was also very delicious, but the price was a little expensive. After all, it's a hotel and a scenic spot. It's understandable
cjlittlebearscore:4.3 / 52021-09-22
You can come to the hot spring. It's very close to the hot spring scenic spot. If you want to go up the mountain, take a ferry car, stay on the mountain after climbing, and your luggage can be stored in the hotel. But the food is average, and there are no choices around
felix1972score:4.8 / 52021-09-21
The hotel is located on the hillside, and the map of Huangshan tourist attractions is attached below. The hotel is located on the lower right side of the bridge. Passing the bridge is the bus station. It's very convenient to get to the Yungu Temple Station. The self driving friends report the license plate number to the hotel in advance. You can drive up the mountain to stay at the hotel at 13:30 p.m. on the day of check-in. The car can stop at the hotel and transfer to the bus to climb Huangshan
gesangflowersscore:5.0 / 52021-09-21
not bad
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